Telluride Adaptive Sports Program

Covid-19 Registration and Trip Agreement

Summer 2020

TASP reserves the right to and expects to revise these policies often, as San Miguel County Public Health Orders as well as State of Colorado Health Orders and CDC Guidance are better understood and solidified into daily practice. TASP also reserves the right to call pause or stop to any situation or program if we feel the safety of our staff, your participant and/or the general public has reached an unacceptable level. TASP is committed to sharing with you our most up-to-minute policies before engaging with TASP in-person. 

For the latest San Miguel County Public Health Orders please check here

Private Trips: On July 6, 2020, TASP opened its summer season to in-person, limited activity programming amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. At this time we are leading trips for private (1) clients and their immediate family/household when requested. For private, single participant trips, a family/household member may be required to come along and assist (as deemed necessary by TASP). Assistance may be required for more hands-on aspects of trips; transfers, fittings, rescues, minors and personal behavior modification as we do not have a volunteer program this summer and we are trying to maintain physical distancing recommendations of at least 6-feet apart. All family/household members who are joining on the trip are required to follow the same Health Screening procedures as the adaptive participant and our staff, please see below. 

At this time we ask participants and family members who have high risk health conditions that may be adversely affected by Covid-19 or may live in a long-term group care/living facility to not request programming from TASP this summer. We look forward to adventuring with you in future TASP seasons. 

Small Group Trips: Beginning mid-August, TASP will be entering into its third phase of programming during a pandemic and will be following up on some small group programming requests through October. These requests and implementation will be handled on a program-to-program basis and may be subject to additional agreements beyond what is lined out here.

Registration: Registration for all activities is required in advance, TASP prefers minimum 2-weeks notice. TASP can not facilitate day-of registrations at this time. Registration will follow TASP’s typical online procedure for initial request. Associated activity Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement shall also be signed for each participant prior to activity (typical). A down payment for requested activity may be required at time of registration. Please see cancellation policy below. Once TASP receives your registration a staff member will contact you via phone to customize your trip and discuss these Covid-19 policies with you.

Participant(s) Health Screening: TASP is very committed to the actions of our good health which supports your good health and vice versa. As we can not completely eliminate the possibility of contracting Covid-19 during our engagement with TASP, we are strongly committed to limiting the possibility that someone is unknowingly spreading the disease. TASP staff will perform inclusive health screenings for each participant that follow at a minimum the currently accepted CDC symptoms of Covid-19 https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html   

during the first booking follow-up phone call.  From time of booking up to the time of the trip it is the responsibility of the participant/guardian/parents to notify TASP if the participant is experiencing any of the symptoms or has been in direct contact with anyone currently experiencing these symptoms or has had direct contact with anyone who is currently positive (active) for Covid-19. If a trip is booked 15-days or more from start date, this health screening will be performed at time of registration, within 14-days(preferred 1-3 days out) and then the day of the trip. If booking is done within 14-days of trip date the health screening will be performed at time of registration and then at a minimum again the day of the trip prior to meeting your instructor. This day-of pre trip screening will be provided to you either digitally or done via phone.

Instructor(s) Health Screenings: TASP is not assigning any volunteer instructors to trips this summer. All trips are led by TASP full-time year around credentialed staff. Our staff are held to the same health screening policy standards (some are stricter) as our participants are, regardless if they are working in the office or leading an in-person trip. Our staff, in fact, health screen every single day they are working and have been doing so since June 1. To this date no symptoms or positive contacts have been reported by any staff member at TASP.

Pre-Trip Communications: We hope to, at a minimum, have health contact with you at least 2 times prior to the trip start time to include registration confirmation phone call, day before trip call with logistics (where we will meet you, what the weather is looking like, what to bring, etc) and morning of trip final health screening before engaging in the TASP activity with one of our staff. You will have TASP phone numbers and emails pertinent to your trip to ensure you have access to our staff to ask questions, voice concerns, clarify details and if need be cancel your trip for any health or fear of health related concerns before we see you. 

Cancellation Policy: TASP will gladly give a credit to a future trip or fully refund the trip cost if participant/guardian/family are concerned they have been exposed to Covid-19 or are ill with or without the above symptoms.

Transportation: It is the policy of TASP this summer not to transport any participants in TASP owned vehicles or staff owned vehicles. TASP will not ride in participants’ vehicles. TASP staff will not ride in the same gondola cabin as participants. TASP staff are excited to meet participants at the activity start location clearly communicated to you. Any activity dictated transportation is the responsibility of the participant.

Arrival at Trip Location, What to Expect: Your instructor is excited to see you! Before embarking on your trip, TASP instructors will ensure the participant has all the needed food and water provided by themselves as well as ‘other’ customary pieces listed on a packing list. Your TASP instructor will be wearing a cloth face covering/mask if a distance of minimum 10-feet can not be maintained. Your TASP instructor will be taking the participants temperature via an infrared thermometer and documenting that. Temperatures 100.4 degrees Ferenheight and above will not be allowed to participate (regardless of reporting no other symptoms) and a full refund will be given. 

Cloth Face Coverings/Face Masks and Physical Distancing: Cloth face coverings/masks are to be worn by both TASP instructor(s) and participant(s) if a physical distance minimum of 6-feet can not be maintained. If instructor(s) and participant(s) are within 6-feet of each other, both participant and instructor shall have their cloth face covering/mask in appropriate position. If the participant will not wear a cloth face covering/mask and a physical distance of 6-feet or more can not be maintained then TASP instructor will have to cancel that activity for that day. If the participant can not wear a cloth face covering/mask due to health or emotional condition, TASP requires a physician’s note explaining the situation and TASP will communicate to participant what programs and policies they can provide for the requested engagement. All participants are encouraged to have their own cloth face covering/mask but TASP will provide if participant(s) does not show up with one. TASP will also provide hand sanitizer for participant(s) if s/he does not show up with any to carry on the trip.

During Your Trip: TASP staff and participants are expected to have recently washed or sanitized hands upon meeting each other for the trip and wash or sanitize as is appropriate and available through the duration of the trip. TASP will provide alcohol based hand sanitizer for participant(s) if s/he does not show up with any. Mobile handwashing station(s) will be provided as is deemed appropriate and necessary by TASP. For any activities that require TASP owned equipment to be loaned out to participants, said equipment will be onsite having been recently disinfected and/or have been rotated and ‘rested’ for a minimum of 72-hours since last contact with another participant user.  

Culmination of Trip: After a great trip together, your TASP instructor will be sad to see you go but TASP thanks you for trusting us with your health and adventure safety in these new times. We do hope to continue hanging out together on future trips. Considering all trip fees and paperwork are done electronically, participants can expect nothing necessary from them at the end of the trip except to go home with a smile! Please, any gratuities you feel you want to share with our staff (thank you), TASP encourages those to be run electronically (venmo etc…) and not transacted as cash when possible. 

Post Trip: As per your acknowledgement on trip registration paperwork, you have consented to a post-trip health survey up to 14-days after your trip with TASP. We will provide this survey either electronically or over the phone (to your preference). We are concerned with everyone’s health and the sooner we know anyone is  experiencing Covid-19 symptoms within 14-days after your trip at TASP the better we can protect future participants and TASP staff. If any TASP staff member comes down with Covid-19 symptoms within 14-days of leading a trip, TASP will contact all participants that staff member may have had contact with.