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Aug 15 , 2015
"Nevados de Chillan, el lugar que "cambia las vidas" de ex combatientes de Irak"
Karl Dorman, mira a su alrededor, mientras esta apoyado en sus muletas. Sus barba rubia y parte de su piel colorada se asoma por fuera de la antiparra por la que observa la cordillera de los Andes desde la pista de esqui de Nevados de Chillan. Inhala y junto a su exhalacion brota la frase "this is a changing life place"... read more . . .

Mar 10, 2015
"Wounded Veterans empowered by ski week
Veterans who returned from war injured or feeling isolated gained healing and health during the Disabled Veterans Adventure Ski Camp in Telluride last week. The camp is part of the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program. TASP hosts events for 100 disabled veterans yearly. They enjoy winter and summer activities at the world-class resort... read more . . .

Mar 6, 2015
"Empowering All Abilities
Just a few days into this week's Telluride Adaptive Sports Program ski adventure week for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars injured during their service, the trauma of combat and re-entry into civilian life was fading from the demeanor of participants' faces and was replaced with smiles and days full of skiing until the lifts close... read more . . .

Aug 28, 2014
"TASP Brings Adaptive Skiers To Int'l Freeride Camp in Chile
Taking Adaptive Awareness To a New Height in South America. This summer, as part of a continuing effort not only to empower disabled athletes, but also to bring awareness of adaptive programs to another part of the world, Telluride Adaptive Sports Program teamed up with Arizona's Alpine Ski Club and brought six disabled skiers to the First International Freeride Camp at Nevados de Chillan resort in Chile... read more . . .

December , 2013
"Strength in the Skintrack
Vijay Viswanathan, a T-5 paraplegic in a sitski, is being hauled uphill in the Telluride backcountry. An anchor and pulley wrap around a tree above him, and Viswanathan is suspended below on ropes. He's part of a group from Telluride Adaptive Sports that's funded by the Sierra Club and led by... read more . . .

Oct 16 , 2013
"Upcoming Swap Benefits George Gardner Scholarship
When it came to education, George Gardner had a simple, yet profound, philosophy. Get the kids outside... Joe, who has Downs Syndrome and graduated from Ouray High School...received a GGSF scholarship last summer to participate in the Telluride Adaptive Sports program... read more . . .

Oct 2 - 8 , 2013
"Handy on the Trail
The Telluride Adaptive Sports Program (TASP) hosted their fourth annual Moab Mania off-road hand cycling camp from Sept. 26 to Oct. 1. TASP...Cyclists were able to tackle the Moab Brands Trails, Klondike Bluffs North and South, Slickrock Practice Loop, and Gemini Bridges, on innovative hand cycles designed by ReActive Adaptations... read more . . .

Apr 3 , 2013
"Adaptive Skiing: We All Do It!
I love to ski, and the thing about skiing, as with snowboarding and even ice climbing, is that by its very nature it is an adaptive sport. You can't just "go skiing" without first strapping or clicking on a couple of extra appendages to your body, and from there, the learning curve begins. We, however, make a distinction in our sport between regular skiers and adaptive skiers. Those skiers who have more or different things that they have to strap on, say a lower leg and a prosthetic foot or a mono ski... read more . . .

Mar 21 , 2013
"Miracle on Lift 1
Annual Fundraiser for TASPkicks off Sunday. This Sunday, the top of Lift 1 is the place to be for the annual Miracle Ski Day. The event is puton every year with Miracle Sickels to support Telluride Adaptive Sports Program and show the public what TASP is all about. Sickels, a long time participant of TASP, has said she does it to give back to the organization that has helped her out so much... read more . . .

Mar 8 , 2013
"Rockin' at the Opera - TASP revamps its annual fundraiser
The Telluride Adaptive Sport Program has - like so many others before it - abandoned country for rock and roll. TASP has revamped its annual fundraiser, Goin' Cowboy at the Opera, with a rock and roll theme and stronger emphasis on local food. The new event, Rockin' at the Opera, takes place Friday at the Sheridan Opera House starting at 6p.m. ... read more . . .

Mar 7 , 2013
"Wounded Warriors" picture
A group of 18disabled veterans wrapped up a week of skiin gwith the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program Wednesday. TASP will host the No Barriers USA Summit in August, featuring hands-on clinics, product demonstrations, outdoor excursions, films, art, music, leadership excercises, symposia and more from the burgeoning arena of adaptive sports... read more . . .

Feb 28 , 2013
"No Barriers USA Hosts Summit in Mountain Village "
Telluride and Mountain Village will welcome hundreds of assistive technology pioneers this summer when No Barriers USA, an organization commiteed to exploring what's possible in adaptive adventures, hosts its summer 2013 summit August 8-11... read more . . .

Dec 23 , 2012
"Snowboarding like he used to "
Daniel Fulton rode up Lift 4 this week and snowboarded down Boomerang all by himself. That may not seem like much of a feat, but for Fulton, 25, who has been fighting his way back from a devastating brain injury those groomer turns were awesome... (article continues to) On Jan 19, TASP will hold "Dinner in the Dark," an event featuring Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind adventurer to summit Mt. Everest. The three-course gourmet dinner will help fund next August's No Barriers Summit, a four-day gathering of individuals with disabilities in Telluride... read more . . .

Sept 27 , 2012
"Moab Mania gives disabled mountain bikers a chance to get back on the trail "
Moab is no stranger to cycling events. Throughout the spring and fall, the area plays host to a wide variety of cycling events of all kinds. But the Moab Mania cycling event is a little different than most... read more . . .

Sept 26 , 2012
"Disabled mountain bikers hit the Moab Trails "
Nine physically disabled mountain bikers will be using specialized bicycles propelled by hand on Moab area trails this weekend. Beginning Friday and continuing to next Wednesday, Telluride Adaptive Sports Program (TASP) will host... read more . . .

Sept 20 , 2012
"Running the River "
There's more to floating down the Grand Canyon than seeing the stunning beauty of the towering red canyon walls. That was the lesson Tim McGough learned last week when he helped lead a group of 10 veterans, some of them visually impaired, on a four-day, three-night raft trip. read more . . .

Feb 1, 2012
"Disabled Skiers Hit Telluride Slopes "
Everyone has tough days on the slopes. Sometimes things just don’t click, and you find yourself out there flailing about like a ragdoll. But imagine trying to ski sitting on a raised sled, and with incapacitated legs. That’s exactly what a group of disabled skiers is doing all this week as part of Telluride Adaptive Sports’ Expand Your Horizons camp. read more . . .

Jan 19, 2012
"Discussing Disabilities "
On Tuesday the entire fifth grade class from the Telluride Intermediate School sat in the Michael D. Palm Theatre, eagerly raising
their hands hoping to be called on. “What is a disability?” asked Sylvie Fadrhonc, the education coordinator with the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program (TASP).
read more . . .

Nov 10 , 2011
"Connor Snitko Loves His Job "
Every Tuesday and Friday afternoon, instead of attending classes at Telluride High School, 11th grader Connor Snitko punches in at Timberline Ace Hardware. Snitko participates in the Uncompahgre Board of Cooperative Services' School Work Alliance Program. The program aims to help students with moderate disabilities learn job skills... read more . . .

Nov 6 , 2011
"I get to witness miracles every day "
The little guy didn't want to put his ski boots on. He didn't want to go outside at all, in fact. But a few days later, the 4-year-old, who has autism, flew down the slope, a wide smile stretched across his face. read more . . .

Sept 29, 2011
"TASP takes on mountain biking "
A trip to the desert is perhaps the most rewarding when you find yourself in the middle of slickrock country with nothing but red rock vistas unfolding in every direction. For able-bodied people, it's just a matter of hiking or biking to a secluded spot with rewarding views at the end. But for those with spinal cord injuries, it's not so simple. read more . . .

Sept 3 , 2011
"L.L. Bean announces Outdoor Hero Awards recipients "
L.L. Bean is proud to announce the recipients of our 2011 Outdoor Heroes Award. The winnters will receive a $5,000 grant toward their 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are proud to support individuals who dedicate themselves to outdoor conservation and education. Learn more about our winners and their organizations read more . . . and even more here . . .

July 12 , 2011
"Sylvie Fadrhonc inspires across the board "
For almost anyone, daily life can be full of obstacles. Some big, others small. For Sylvie Fadrhonc, overcoming those obstacles is what makes her speical. Surely the biggest obstacle the part-time Telluride resident ever encountered happened in the early morning hours of read more . . .

June 16, 2011
"A wounded warrior "
Trey Humphrey, visiting from the San Diego Naval Medical Center, was recently injured during his military service in Iraq and
Afghanistan. He was one of 13 disabled veterans hosted by Telluride Adaptive Sports Program last week for an all-expense paid trip, which included activities such as fly fishing, horseback riding, rafting, rock climbing and cycling
read more . . .

May 2011 Spork 'N Spokes
"Expanding Horizons"
The Telluride Adaptive Sports Program (TASP), located in southwestern Colorado, has completed two successful skiing and snowboarding camps for people with physical and cognitive disabilities. In late January, TASP welcomed 20 intermediate to advanced skiers read more . . .

March 24 , 2011
"McGough named citizen of the year by Elks Lodge "

The Telluride Elks Lodge has named Tim McGough, Program director of the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program, as its Citizen of the Year. The Elks Lodge honored McGough at its annual Appreciation Dinner on March 19. read more . . .

March 25 , 2011
"An overwhelming outpouring of success"
I want to thank everyone in the community who has supported the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program throughout the years. We have grown into a very successful program and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of so many wonderful people and businesses. read more . . .

March 20 , 2011
"To feel the wind on my face "

Daniel Fulton’s brain remembers who he was. It remembers the way he could streak through the trees of Lift 9 on a powder morning, a flourish of color amid a galaxy of snow. It’s his body, though, that’s forgotten. read more . . .

March 10 , 2011
"Goin' Cowboy for a good cause "

During the winter, you see them in the signature blue jackets guiding disabled skiers down the mountain. And in the summer, they take disabled athletes rafting, rock climbing, hiking and biking. read more . . .

March 3 , 2011
"Getting back on the board "

Twenty-two-year-old Kionte Storey lost the lower part of his right leg in an IED blast in Afghanistan just six months ago. The Marine corporal's first thought after learning of his amputation was if he could ever drive his car again. Now, with a new prosthetic leg and months of physical therapy, he can not only drive his car again, but he learned how to snowboard this week. read more . . .

January 30, 2011
"A Big-Mountain Experience for Adaptive Athletes "

For an athlete with a disability, just the act of getting up on a sit-ski and managing a few turns could be a massive triumph. But for the 21 adaptive athletes who are in town this week for the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program's annual Expand Your Horizons Camp, the goals are bigger. read more . . .

January 2011
"Back-Country Bounty "

During summer 2009, six athletes set out from all corners of the United States to convene in the remote Alaskan wilderness to break new ground in the realm of back-country access for people with disabilities. Participants came with a range of stories and experiences read more . . .

November 9, 2010
"After that Feeling "

Connor Snitko is like any other 16-year-old growing up in a ski town - after that feeling of pressing his edges into the snow, making a turn, going fast. He's after the same feeling most of us are here, as he skis and read more . . .

December 28, 2009
"Longtime Telluride Nonprofit Finds a New Home for the Holidays, and Beyond"

For years the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program has broadened the horizons of thousands of physically and mentally disabled patrons, serving as the region’s only organization dedicated to providing adaptive sports opportunities read more . . .

September 03, 2009
"Eleventh Annual Bob Miller Memorial Golf Classic Coming Sept. 17"

The Telluride Adaptive Sports Program will hosts its11th Annual Bob Miller Memorial Golf Classic on Thursday, Sept. 17. This tournament will take place at the Telluride Ski and Golf Club in the Mountain Village with its proceeds benefiting TASP’s scholarship fund read more . . .

August 24, 2009
"TASP Alaska Adventure Presentation"


TASP is presenting pictures from the recent trip to an Alaskan glacier and a video highlighting local James Colt’s recent accomplishments. read more . . .

July 02, 2009
"Telluride Adaptive Sports Program Has Big Weekend Plans"

The Telluride Adaptive Sports Program kicks off the July 4 weekend with a $1 ice-cream-cone booth Friday afternoon during read more . . .

"Adaptive on Ice"

One Participant's report on her experience travelling to Alaska with TASP. Click here to read the full article in the Telluride Daily Planet. read more . . .

"TASP gets a new ski-in ski-out home"

Through a development agreement, non-profit gets prime space in Capella. Click here, to read the full article in the Telluride Daily Planet. read more . . .

4th of July 2009

"Celebrate the Fourth with TASP"

Non-profit is packing weekend with fundraising. Click here, to read the full article in the Telluride Daily Planet. read more . . .

April 30, 2009
"Longtime TASP Volunteer Hawkeye Johnson
Plans 2,900-Mile Hike"

Longtime Telluride Adaptive Sports Program volunteer Hawkeye Johnson will hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada to raise money for the program. Johnson will hike the 2,900-mile trail in two sections, starting in Campo, Calif. read more . . .

January 24, 2009
"Felix Snow qualifies for Winter X-Games Finals"


Despite the heavily falling snow, marine-like fog, and slow track conditions, qualifying runs for Sunday’s Mono Skier X competition actually went down this afternoon read more . . .

April 10, 2008
"TASP Receives Grant From Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation"

The Telluride Adaptive Sports Program is proud to announce that it has received a $6,200 Quality of Life grant from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. The award was one of almost 100 grants totaling approximately read more . . .

December 10, 2007
"TASP Receives Grant From Daniels Fund
Money to Provide Sports Programs for Youth With Disabilities"

The Telluride Adaptive Sports Program has received a $23,625 Daniels Fund grant to support its recreational adaptive sports program. TASP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of people with disabilities by providing therapeutic recreational opportunities that develop life skills and encourage personal growth. read more . . .

October 15, 2007
"Hawkeye Hits the Trail for Adaptive Sports Program
Scheduled to Complete 3,000-Mile Hike Monday"

As a longtime volunteer for the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program, Johnson’s contributions have gone far beyond his role as a wintertime ski and snowboard instructor for the blind. In fact, Johnson has married his love of long-distance hiking to his dedication read more . . .

August 13, 2007
"Telluride Adaptive Sports Program Brings Disabled Veterans Together
Water Sports Camp Scheduled for Aug. 18-25"

Telluride Adaptive Sports Program in conjunction with Adaptive Adventures is hosting a Water Sports Camp for veterans with disabilities, Aug. 18-25. The camp will take place at Lake Powell, with a house boat serving as base camp. read more . . .

September 26, 2006
"At 13 Years Old, TASP Just Keeps on Growing"

Throughout its last decade of providing disabled residents of the Telluride region and beyond with adaptive recreational activities, TASP has steadily grown into one of the country's leaders in adaptive sports education. read more . . .

March 21, 2006
"TASP Hosts Its First-Ever Wounded Warrior Snowsports Project"

Telluride Adaptive Sports Program kicks off its first Wounded Warrior Snowsports Project, an all-expenses-paid weekend for severely wounded servicemembers home from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, read more . . .

March 03, 2006
"TASP Athletes Dominate at Special Olympic Events"

Regional skiers and snowboarders trained by the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program were showered with ribbons at two different regional Special Olympics competitions last weekend. But the real prize for these adaptive competitors was simply the opportunity to be a part of read more . . .

November 15, 2005
"Hit the Slopes with the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program"

With snow dusting the high country, skiers and snowboarders will soon be swishing down the slopes, including participants in the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program. TASP enriches the lives of people with disabilities by providing educational and recreational opportunities that develop life skills and encourage personal growth. read more . . .

August 05, 2005
"Revamped Summer Program Offers An Array of Exciting Activities"

Warm days, beautiful wildflowers and afternoon showers - summer is in full swing and the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program isn't wasting one minute of it. This summer, TASP has added an array of outdoor adventures to accomplish its mission of enriching the lives of people with disabilities by providing quality, affordable and fun recreational activities. New summer programming includes river rafting and kayaking adventures, hiking, day outings, and jeep tours read more . . .

August 13, 2004
"Hand Cycling Clinic Hits Slopes This Weekend"

The Telluride Adaptive Sports Program will be hitting the slopes – this time, on bikes instead of skis – as they join the town of Mountain Village in hosting the 2nd annual Downhill Mountain Biking and Hand Cycling Clinic this weekend on the Telluride Ski Area. read more . . .


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